Who We Are

Meet The Team At A+ Virtual Learning! We are a team of licensed professional educators and educational technologist that work to deliver instruction to students, schools and communities. Through our virtual classroom we implement and deliver robust and engaging remote learning experiences.

Professional virtual educators - A plus Virtual learning

Our Education

We stand apart! The A+ Virtual Learning team totals over 100 years of teaching experience and is headed by a Director of Education who has been a teacher, a school administrator, and is licensed and certified to teach and lead, by the State of New York. A career in education that culminates in taking on the role to professionally support schools, teachers, students, and parents in school and now, online.

Our Story

We are educators, we are experts in our field and yes, some of us are also parents. Our philosophy is simple. We believe in looking at each of our clients as a unique learner, similarly to how a doctor looks at a patient. We do not believe learning is one size fits all, learning is a process that is unique to an individual, a school, and a community. We have brought this philosophy to the remote learning environment.

Are you interested in Online Learning?

At A+ Virtual Learning, we can provide support for children of all ages. From that first spelling test to those tricky college level exams, we will be there for every step of your child’s educational journey!

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