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A+ Virtual Learning we help your child get the A+
they deserve!


A+ Virtual Learning we specialize in Literacy, Mathematics and STEM!

Expert Instruction

Highly personalized one to one instruction with education professionals that specialize in their content area.

Customized Academic Plan

We learn about the goals of our clients and then work hand in hand together in order to achieve them.

Dedicated Support

Our team members will provide you with the best customer service you can find.

Our Testimonials

Sullivan just completed his remote learning for the week. I just want to let you know that we really like the teachers in this program. They are so good and really...
Luanne W., Parent
I don’t know who found the A+ program (I think that was what it was called) for quarantined students, but I know you make sure families are aware of it...
Kari Ann K., School Board Member
I heard from a parent this morning how her child is quarantined for 28 days and is really enjoying A+. Thank you both for this experience!
Brian S., Superintendent

Student and Parent Testimonial

School District Testimonial