Benefits of Virtual Classroom

    Instructional Benefits

  • The learner controls their experience while the teacher controls the classroom
  • Our school day is flexible
  • Whiteboard allows for collaboration
  • Major ideas can be recorded on either a group and individual note board
  • Chat rooms and Whiteboards can be controlled by the teacher as long as the teacher decides to open or close them
  • Timers allow for better control during the learning session
  • Room Check – just in case we think we lost one

A+ Virtual Learning MINI School House
    Financial Benefits:

  • Cost effective virtual option for school districts
  • Reduces costs of hiring in-person support staff
  • Reduce costs associated with learning recovery and grade retention
  • Increase capacity and availability of onsite learning spaces
  • Reduce potential costs associated with student absenteeism, OSS (off-site schooling), or school shutdowns
A+ Virtual Learning MINI School House
    Technical Benefits:
  • A robust, state-of-the-art virtual learning platform designed for teaching and learning
  • Technical support and teacher support for the virtual classroom
  • Minimal requirements: Internet access and a device (laptop, Chromebook, iPad etc.…)
  • Recorded sessions can be reviewed to ensure best online teaching practices
  • Administrators can receive detailed reports and view recorded online sessions
A+ Virtual Learning MINI School House
    Other benefits:
  • Certified instructors for synchronous learning
  • Uses NYS standards or district curriculum so student learning aligns to their peers
  • Rolling admission
  • Secure student data collection and reporting to the schools/district
  • Synchronous and asynchronous instructional blended learning models
  • Work collaboratively with teachers in the student’s home school to ensure student success
  • Remote learning option for students and parents uncomfortable returning to in person or hybrid

A+ Virtual Learning at Home

Digital courses that offer parents and schools a progressive, user friendly, and effective way to teach and learn remotely for credit recovery, closing learning loss gaps due to school closures or to ensure homebound students remain on track for graduation.
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