Parent Orientation

We provide a virtual parent orientation for every service we provide that includes an overview of the service, it's outcomes and expectations. We’ll answer your questions so you can find the best pathway to get your child the support they need to get ahead!

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Academic Assessment

Prior to delivering Instructional Support services or Test Preparation we provide a free academic assessment for every child we meet. This allows us to create an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) to ensure your child's success.

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virtual parent orientation

What Is Parent University?

An online resource center dedicated to supporting parents. Parents are taking on a greater role in educating their children than ever before and we understand you need help too.

So, we created Parent University, to help you transition your child’s learning from grade to grade, from struggling to success, from success to accelerated and now a days, from the classroom to the living room.

At Parent University you will find resources that will help you navigate your child’s educational journey.

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Are you interested in Online Learning?

At A+ Virtual Learning, we can provide support for children of all ages. From that first spelling test to those tricky college level exams, we will be there for every step of your child’s educational journey!

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