The Salamanca City Central School District, in partnership with Genesee Valley Central School District, have chosen A+ Virtual Learning LLC. for Covid-affected, quarantined, and at-home schooling options. This agreement will allow students to continue their studies uninterrupted with certified teachers who are working within the curriculum, and in coordinated partnership with the full time Salamanca and Genesee Valley teachers.

"We looked at a few options and found A+ Virtual Learning’s OSS (off-site schooling) Classroom to be our best option as it maintained the consistency and involvement of our full-time teachers with their remote peers. A+ Virtual Learning ensures all students are getting a full education in a home school environment and don’t fall behind in their learning due to the pandemic or other circumstances requiring them to miss in-person schooling,” said Mr. Robert J. Breidenstein, Superintendent of Schools, Salamanca City School District

Salamanca and Genesee Valley are currently matching a full school day schedule across all grade levels remotely with A+ Virtual Learning. Students begin receiving academic support within 24 hours of starting their Anywhere Classroom at home.

“I am very excited to partner with Salamanca City School District, CA BOCES, and A+ Virtual Learning to provide instruction for students during extended periods of absence. I am pleased with the response of students and families and confident that students will return from quarantines prepared and ready to continue with the curriculum. At Genesee Valley, we recognize that learning occurs both in and out of classrooms and are committed to providing quality learning experiences for all students wherever possible,” stated Dr. Brian Schmitt, Superintendent of Genesee Valley Central School District.

The A+ Virtual Learning classroom features state-certified teachers who provide live instruction in all subjects and grade levels. The curriculum is synchronized by each school district. Students receive instruction from A+ Virtual Learning teachers while they complete assignments from their classroom teachers, with both collaborating on the well-being and educational progress of the student.

" A+ Virtual Learning is passionate about students; it is our life’s mission to educate," said A+ Virtual Learning’s Education Director Maria Catenacci. "The hardships of the pandemic have left so many students behind, educationally and emotionally. We are thrilled to work with caring districts like Salamanca City and Genesee Valley School Districts who want to see their children thrive in all environments.”

Through the success with New York Districts, A+ Virtual Learning is now offering their virtual classroom services to all school districts in the United States. For more information, visit The A+ Virtual Learning OSS (off-site schooling) Classroom at

About A+ Virtual Learning, LLC
A+ Virtual Learning! We are a team of licensed professional educators and educational technologists that work to deliver instruction to students, schools, and communities. Through our virtual classroom, we implement and deliver robust and engaging remote learning experiences. The A+ Virtual Learning team totals over 100 years of teaching experience and is headed by a Director of Education who has been a teacher, a school administrator, and is licensed and certified to teach and lead, by the State of New York. A career in education that culminates in taking on the role to professionally support schools, teachers, students, and parents in school and now, online. We are educators, we are experts in our field and yes, some of us are also parents. Our philosophy is simple. We believe in looking at each of our clients as a unique learner, similar to how a doctor looks at a patient. We do not believe learning is one size fits all, learning is a process that is unique to an individual, a school, and a community. We have brought this philosophy to the remote learning environment.

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