How Online Teaching is Reshaping the Learning Experience

Education technology has rapidly taken over traditional classrooms over the last decade, making the age-old pedagogy obsolete. However, while these EdTech methods were limited to certain types of programs and courses, the emergence of a global pandemic due to the Coronavirus disease leveled it all up. As nation-wide lockdowns were imposed all over the globe, all educational institutions shut down, leaving their students wondering whether it’s a break or the end for their education.

It took the world a minute to wrap their head around the situation before trying to come up with a solution. And then, with a light bulb moment, all looked hopefully towards the savior in the crisis – online learning platforms. Although these learning platforms and online education have always been around, it was always considered an option only for the working professionals or for people choosing distance education.

How have these online learning platforms helped students?

As the pandemic worsened and infection rates rose, it was decided by a majority of the government bodies that online classes shall be continued for school students. This ensured that no loss in education occurred while keeping everyone safe. Apart from this, there are multiple benefits that online learning platforms have provided to students of all ages. Here are some of them outlined below:


The most significant benefit of online education is the ease of accessibility that it provides everyone, especially during the pandemic. As people were confined to their homes and many had to be quarantined, thankfully, learning did not stop. Thus, this allowed students to continue their education, giving them hope and inspiration to fight these difficult times.


Another advantage that online education provides is the pace at which one can pursue their education. Whether the student is enrolled in high school or preparing for any competitive exam, they can learn at their own pace, in their own time. In addition, technology here plays a crucial role in saving time and increasing efficiency. For example, with the feature of recorded sessions, students can listen to a lecture unlimited times to better understand the concepts, eliminating the time wasted on waiting for student-teacher interaction.


As students do not need to commute every day to reach their classrooms, learning has become affordable with the reduced cost of commute and other expenses spent on gaining an education. Thus, many college students can enroll in multiple programs from top schools as they do not need to travel to another city or even country to learn.

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