An Immersive Virtual Learning Experience

Meet the Mosaic Product

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Ways to Use the Mosaic

Synchronously or Asynchronously

Our Mosaics can be experienced asynchronously or synchronously and can be accompanied by an A+ Virtual instructor or self-directed by a student. Students do not have to experience the learning alone. Students can choose to engage in their own unique experience, or they can choose to interact, add to, and build upon the experiences with fellow learners through the use of the technology.

One Module at a Time or One Course at a Time

Each A+ Virtual Learning Mosaic can be utilized as a standalone unit. Schools, school districts, parents, and students can elect to combine Mosaic modules to deepen their interdisciplinary experience or enjoy the entire course. Each A+ Virtual Learning Mosaic combines 4-6 units of study in every course.

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As a Curriculum Extension

Schools and School Districts can elect to use each Mosaic as an extension of the district-wide curriculum in literacy, Mathematics, or STEM. At the primary level, the ideal curriculum extension program takes place during an activity period. Curriculum extension at the middle school level might use the “pull-out” approach or individualized enrichment within the classroom. The secondary level emphasizes enrichment as a means of acceleration and can be done asynchronously on the student’s schedule.

Course Replacement or Credit Recovery

Schools and School Districts can use the Mosaics to allow students to replace a course they missed in their educational plan. Similarly, the learning units can provide multiple hours of study and can be used to help students complete unfinished credit hours that are preventing them from moving forward.

A+ Virtual Learning School House

Acceleration, Remediation, and Enrichment

Dare to be Different! The A+ Virtual Learning Mosaic allows for differentiation in the classroom. Each Mosaic contains content that spans multiple grade levels. Students can elect to engage with content within a grade band level, as they choose. This allows learners to revisit prior knowledge or accelerate their learning by looking ahead.

Utilize to Support Flipped Classrooms

These materials also support teachers who wish to flip their classrooms. Relieved of planning content and activities, teachers may choose to utilize their face-to-face time conferring with students or engaging in higher level discussion in the classroom.

After School, Weekend or Summer Programs

The A+ Virtual Learning Mosaics can be used as learning opportunities that happen after regular school hours, intended to support or supplement student learning.